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Preparing your husband for family portraits

“Do we have to?”

“I don’t wanna!”

“I don’t have anything to wear.”

“Does this mean I have to miss the game?”

Some of this probably sounds pretty familiar, but this time it’s not your five-year-old talking to you.

It’s your husband.


Cracking the Code of Family Photo Fun in Northern Ireland!

Alright, let’s talk about that legendary family photo day. You know, the one where getting your hubby ready is almost as exhausting as herding the kids? If you’ve got a hubby who’s totally on board with being the family portrait superstar, hats off to you! But if he’s not exactly doing cartwheels, fear not. I’ve got some sneaky tricks up my lens that’ll have him grinning in no time.

Huddle Up and Set the Scene

Here’s the scoop: You’re the family photographer connoisseur, and you’ve already scoped out the family photo scene. But guess what? Your other half might be a bit clueless. So, give him the lowdown. Let him know this isn’t a marathon of stiff poses or a crash course in boredom. It’s more like a fun family hangout, where you’re all doing your thing while I work my magic.

Remember, there are a few extra “Dad Duties” on deck that day. Like, helping the little ones slip into their dapper outfits (sans snacks, please!) or assisting with any emergency wardrobe swaps. He’s a hero dad, but a photo session can be like stepping into an alternate universe. So, be the MVP and spell out the playbook for him. Outfit? Check. Diaper bag? Check. Timetable? Checkeroo.

Let Him in on the Kid Secrets

He might think this is a magical wonderland where kids instantly transform into little angels. Well, newsflash – we’re in the real world, where chaos sometimes reigns supreme. Remind him that the kiddos won’t always follow the director’s cut, and that’s perfectly A-OK. In fact, the unexpected energy often translates into the best shots. Let them be their wild, wonderful selves, and I’ll capture the awesomeness.

Oh, and remember the bribery game? It’s not just for kids. If a little incentivizing is in order, make sure you’re both in on the master plan. I won’t spill the beans – your secret’s safe with me!

Tag Team Stress-Busting

Let’s be honest, these shoots are a blast, but they’re also like orchestrating a mini circus. If one person has to juggle outfit changes, snack duty, fueling the car, and playing timekeeper, stress levels might reach the sky. So, ask for backup! Trust your partner to handle things just as amazingly as you would. And hey, less stress means more giggles and less grumbles.

(By the way, I’ve seen it all – and I’m ready for any curveballs. But let’s aim for a good ol’ laugh-fest.)

Picture the Prize

Guess what? It’s not a whole-day affair. It’s more like a tiny blip – like 4-8% of his day. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Once the shutter clicks, you’ll have a treasure trove of memories to keep forever. Think of it as a little “sacrifice” for a huge payback – the ultimate family keepsakes.

Ninja Moves for Stress Relief

If camera time seems nerve-wracking, slip him my secret weapons: stress-busting tactics. A little exercise, a hearty meal, and a few deep breaths can do wonders. He’ll be strutting into the studio like a champ.

Secret Bribes (Yes, for Grown-Ups)

Who knew bribery wasn’t just kid stuff? It’s a universal charm. From monarchs to your hubby, a well-placed incentive goes a long way. If it’s good enough for the history books, it’s good enough for family portraits.

One Big Lovefest

Let’s get real – you’re here because love is your driving force. Your husband, your kids, the laughter, and the chaos – they’re all a part of your epic journey. This isn’t just about photographs; it’s about celebrating your unique tapestry. So, when things get crazy, remind him that the heart of it all is your love story, right there in every frame.

So, let’s rock those family portraits like the Northern Ireland pros we are. I’ll be your guide, your ninja, and your friendly family photo guru, ready to capture the real moments that make your crew legendary. Let’s do this!

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