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Whether you are just starting your family, or your kids are older, our sessions are perfect for celebrating your family and capturing memories at all life stages. You’ll create memories to treasure forever and beautiful wall art to display in your home. From maternity to family sessions, choose from our Photography Experience packages and let us help you capture stunning family portraits, you and your family will treasure forever. All of our sessions are relaxed and natural. We pride ourselves on putting you at ease and making you and your family look amazing. Choose from our range of photography session experiences. Once you purchase the perfect one for you we will be in contact to arrange a suitable time. Please get it touch on 07938 142 386 if you have any questions or would like to check our latest availability.

Capturing Your Family’s Story: From Inquiry to Stunning Wall Art

Family portraits aren’t just photographs; they’re windows into cherished memories, frozen moments of love and laughter. But navigating the process from booking a photographer to displaying finished artwork can feel daunting. Worry not, for here’s your guide to a seamless journey, ensuring your portrait experience is as beautiful as the final prints themselves.

1. Finding Your Perfect Photographer:

Your search begins with finding the right artist to capture your family’s essence. Browse websites and portfolios, paying attention to styles that resonate with you. Look for photographers who prioritize connection and creating a relaxed atmosphere, especially if you have little ones!

Reach out to your top picks, inquiring about their availability and packages. A prompt and friendly response is always a good sign! Don’t hesitate to ask questions about their approach and experience working with families.

2. Planning Your Portrait Session:

Once you’ve found your photographer, ME, then the fun begins! Schedule a pre-session consultation to discuss your vision. Whether you dream of playful candids in a sun-drenched park or elegant posed portraits in a studio, be open and specific about your desires. Your photographer will guide you on wardrobe choices, location options, and any props you might want to incorporate.

Remember, the key is to feel comfortable and be yourselves. Your photographer is there to capture your authentic family dynamic, not staged perfection.

3. Capturing the Magic:

On the day of your shoot, relax and soak it all in! Your photographer will create a comfortable and engaging atmosphere, guiding you through poses and encouraging natural interactions. Don’t worry about forced smiles; genuine laughter and candid moments make the most treasured portraits.

Trust your photographer’s expertise and enjoy the experience. They’ll be busy capturing not just your smiles, but the subtle nuances of your relationships, the twinkle in your children’s eyes, and the warmth of your family bond.

4. Choosing Your Favorites:

Within a week or two, your photographer will present you with a curated online gallery of edited images. This is where the magic truly unfolds! Browse through the captured moments, reliving the joy and laughter of your session. Your photographer will be there to offer guidance and help you select the perfect images that tell your family’s story.

Don’t be afraid to express your preferences, whether it’s a heartwarming group shot or a tender close-up. These are your portraits, and they should reflect your unique family spirit.

5. Bringing Your Portraits Home:

Now comes the exciting part: transforming your chosen images into stunning wall art! Your photographer will guide you through a variety of printing options, from high-quality canvases and framed prints to elegant metal or acrylic finishes. Consider where you’ll display your portraits and choose sizes and materials that complement your home décor.

Remember, these are more than just decorations; they’re heirlooms to be cherished for generations. Invest in quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure your portraits endure the test of time.

And there you have it! From the initial spark of inspiration to proudly displaying your family’s story on your walls, this journey should be filled with excitement, connection, and lasting memories. Choose a photographer who prioritizes your comfort and captures your authentic selves, and trust the process to unfold like a beautiful story.

Bonus Tip: Share your joy! Use your photographer’s branded hashtag to share your stunning portraits on social media and inspire others to capture their own family magic.

So, go forth and create lasting memories! Your family’s story deserves to be beautifully preserved, one captivating portrait at a time.

Family Photography From The Family Portrait Company

Start your Photography Experience by Picking your Perfect Package

Family Photography from The Family Portrait Company isn’t just a Photoshoot, we are all about creating stunning artwork you will treasure at home.

If you’ve purchased art or custom handcrafted products before, you’ll know prices can vary a lot… and this is the case with bespoke photography too. We are not the cheapest nor the most expensive Photography Studio – we focus on providing great value and a fantastic experience from beginning to end.

We have designed a range of collections to include artwork for your wall, digital images for you to keep forever, and gifts for friends and family. You can be sure you can take home all the images you love.

After the session, most families choose to invest Between £500 – £1800 in their images. Our framed wall art starts from £399 and ranges up to £2,999 for one of our largest framed wall  displays.


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