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So how does this all work?

To make things easy its broke down into 3 main sections

A Northern Ireland wedding photographer captures a photo of a little girl standing in a field.

Your Pre-Shoot Phone Consultation

To begin your portrait experience with Eddy Calvin Photography we will schedule a pre-shoot phone consultation with our studio manager prior to scheduling your session. These are done over the phone and only take 15-20 minutes. It is a great opportunity for you to ask questions and get a feel for what the session will be like with us.

Before scheduling this call we do ask that you have consulted with your spouse/partner so they are on board with doing a photo session. The last thing we want is a reluctant person at the session.

We do require a booking/confirmation fee to secure your booking date/time on our schedule. This fee will be generally 50% of your booking order This covers any loss of the appointment session and/or design appointment and your photographer’s time. Basically, it is our “please don’t be rude” insurance.


Northern Ireland wedding photographers capturing a baby girl standing in a wheat field at sunset.

Your Photo Session

This is where the fun begins. During your photo session, we will take your photos and create some amazing memories for you and your family. While we have a variety of genres we photograph from dogs to families with their dogs, siblings, grandparents, family, and newborns. We always suggest bringing the whole family so we can capture everyone together.

Our photo sessions last approximately 30-45 minutes to an hour and we will do a variety of looks and poses. We will send you guidance on what to wear for your photo session and you can bring a couple of different outfits to change into during your photo session with us.

When you arrive we will go over all of the clothing and accessories you brought for your photo session and put together some amazing looks for you to have for a lifetime.

NOTE: Don’t be afraid to bring too many items…we may not use all of them but it is better to have too much than not enough when it comes to options.

Four product pictures featuring a girl in a yellow dress displayed on a table.

Create Amazing Wall Art With Your Images

Around 2 weeks after your session i will have your portraits ready to view, they will be uploaded to your own private online gallery to view. If you would like I can arrange to do another call or Skype session to talk you through your options for wall art or if you prefer to view them first then schedule a chat to discuss your final wall art pieces

If you know where in the house you would like to hang your photos I can prepare a mock-up to give you an idea of how the finished products will look on your own wall, i just need a quick photo from your mobile of the wall.

You can view the products I specalise in HERE.

Family Portrait Guide

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