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Family Photography

A Northern Ireland family poses on the beach with a teepee captured by NI photographers.
A Northern Ireland family poses on the beach with a teepee captured by NI photographers.

What is a family photographer and what can they do for you?

1. What is a family photographer?

Family photographers are people who specialise in taking photographs of families. They take pictures of family members, grandparents and grandchildren during events like graduation, birthdays and weddings.

Family photographers provide a service that captures the memories of a family’s history. For example, they can be hired for a child’s birthday party to take pictures of the celebration with the entire family.

I became a family photographer because I love being with families every day and capturing their memories, I love to see large large prints & wall art become the centre of a home.

2. Family photography tips for getting better shots at your portrait session

Portrait sessions are a great way to capture memories and will last a lifetime. There are a few things that you can do to make sure your photos come out beautifully.

When choosing the location for your portrait photoshoot, always consider whether it will provide enough natural light for the type of pictures you want. You want to have the best of both worlds – deep shadows that bring out facial features and bright lighting for outdoor shots.

You should also think about using props in order to set up an engaging scene. A toy or a brightly coloured dress can help with getting those perfect family photos.

3. Choosing the right family photographer for your needs

Photographers have different styles that range from traditional to artistic. So, when it comes to choosing the right photographer for your family, you need to know what style you want and what kind of work they specialise in. There are many aspects that you should keep in mind when choosing a family photographer such as:

– Will the photographers be able to capture my children’s personalities?

– What is their pricing?

– How do they deal with uncooperative children?

4. Questions to ask before hiring a family photographer

With the emergence of new technologies and advancements in camera technology, many of the outdated and expensive traditional photography setups have been replaced. There are a number of questions you should ask yourself when considering hiring a family photographer.

What type of photos do you want? Do you want candid shots, or more formal ones? Do you need to have all members present for each photo? Do you want to pose for photos with your pets or children?

Do you want to hire a photographer who specialises in a particular niche? For example, if one of your wedding needs is capturing beautiful scenery, then it might be beneficial to hire someone who specialises in outdoor photography.

Will the shoot be indoors or outdoors? How many people will be involved in the shoot (all family members and pets)? What is your favourite location to spend time together as a family? the photos below were taken on Ballycastle beach as that is a location they love spending time together at and it helps with the kids too as they know the area and are more natural for the photos.


5. Family Photographer Hiring tips to help you find the best match

Often when you think of hiring a family photographer, the first thing that comes to mind is how much they will cost.

You want someone to capture precious memories with your loved ones who can make you some wall art that when you look at it hanging on your wall in 5 or 10 years time you are taken back to the moment the portrait was made.

I believe in capturing moments and building relationships with clients I offer a lot more than just taking pictures I capture memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Family portraits

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