Tips from a Professional Family Photographer


Family Photography

Tips from a Professional Family Photographer

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Family Photographer

When you have a family of five children, it can be hard to find time to take pictures. With two full-time jobs and five children, Suzanne and her husband had to find a way to get those photos. They hired me, a professional photographer who was able to take the perfect family photo without having to do anything at all.

I captured these photos using techniques that are designed for families with lots of kids. This includes getting as many group shots in as possible and taking pictures with other people from the family. These techniques allowed them to fit more into the session than they could ever hope for on their own.

family portrait on steps in portrush Four product pictures featuring a girl in a yellow dress displayed on a table.

How to Capture the Perfect Family Photo Session

A great family photo session is all about capturing the moments that create everlasting memories. It’s a milestone to be treasured for years to come and they are an excellent way of expressing how much love there is in the family.

In order to capture that perfect moment, it’s important to have a plan and have some safety measures in place.

Here are some tips on how you can go about capturing your precious family memories

Location Most people forget about their family memories and end up not preserving them. Memories fade over time, so the best way to preserve them is by taking capturing them in a family portrait shoot. When you enquire about a shoot one of the first things I will ask is if you have a favourite location that you and your family love, this is because a location you visit regularly will have yous all at ease and help me capture candid natural family portraits you will treasure for ever.

Outfits It is not easy to find the perfect thing to wear for your family portrait, but it is worth taking the extra time and effort to do so, as it will be a moment you cherish for years to come. Choosing what you wear can ultimately make or break your family portrait experience, so it’s very important that you put some thought into what you choose! comfort is the most important factor the rest is up to you & how you want your portraits to look on your walls!

Timing Sunrise & sunset will offer the best chance of capturing your family with the amazing colours that only that time of day provide. If that is what you would love your images to be then there are only two times of the day that we can make the so it may call for an early start or a late finish. the time of year will also help decide the when to book your family portraits, maby its the autumn colour you would love? planning your portraits for September is the best time of year to plan your shoot then.


I hope these have helped give you some ideas to help planning your shoot, here & here  are a couple of other blog posts that might help also.

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