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Summer: A Season of Family, Fun, and Timeless Memories

Summer is not just a season; it’s a vibrant stage where family memories are performed, laughter echoes like music, and every moment is a scene worth capturing. At The Family Portrait Company, we understand that these are the moments you cherish, the ones you want to hold onto long after the sun has set on the warmest of days. That’s why we’ve crafted a series of unique family portrait sessions that encapsulate the essence of summer—combining luxury, fun, and the timeless beauty of familial bonds.

Beach Bliss: Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses

Imagine the soft, warm sand beneath your feet, the rhythmic sound of waves crashing, and the golden glow of the setting sun painting the sky in hues of orange and pink. Our Beach Bliss sessions are designed to capture the joy and warmth of summer by the sea. As your family frolics among the waves and the colourful beach towels dot the shoreline, we’ll be there to capture every playful splash and sandy toe.

Picnic in the Park: Green Grass and Giggles

There’s something magical about a family picnic in the lush expanse of a green park. The laughter, the games, and the shared snacks create candid moments that are as natural as the soft, dappled sunlight filtering through the trees. Our Picnic in the Park sessions are all about capturing these interactions, framing your family against the warm and inviting backdrop of nature’s own canvas.

Sunflower Fields: Blooms of Joy

Standing tall and bright, sunflowers are the very symbol of summer’s joy. Our Sunflower Fields sessions invite your family to immerse themselves in fields of vibrant yellow blooms, creating a stunning contrast against the clear blue sky. These sessions aren’t just about photographs; they’re about the experience of being surrounded by nature’s towering beacons of happiness.

Fruit Picking Adventure: Sweetness of Summer

Join us for a Fruit Picking Adventure at a local orchard or berry farm, where the simple act of picking fruit becomes an interactive family affair. Whether it’s the strawberries’ blush, the cherries’ charm, or the apples’ crisp allure, each fruit adds its own touch of seasonal magic to your family’s story.

Summer Carnival Fun: Whirls of Laughter

Step right up for a whirl of laughter and colour with our Summer Carnival Fun sessions. We bring the carnival to you, complete with colourful balloons, cotton candy, and a vintage carousel. As your family enjoys the festive atmosphere, we’ll be there to capture the joy and the vibrant energy of summer’s own festival.

Lemonade Stand: Sips of Nostalgia

Nothing says summer like a classic lemonade stand. Our Lemonade Stand sessions offer a rustic and charming backdrop for your family portraits. With mason jars filled with refreshing lemonade and slices of fresh lemon, your family can engage in the timeless tradition of sipping and smiling under the summer sun.

Barefoot in the Garden: Nature’s Embrace

Encourage your family to kick off their shoes and feel the earth beneath their feet with our Barefoot in the Garden sessions. Set in a beautiful garden or amidst flower-filled fields, these sessions are all about capturing the candid moments of exploration and the pure joy of connecting with nature.

Enchanted Forest: Whispers of Magic

For families who believe in a touch of magic, our Enchanted Forest sessions are a dream come true. Find solace in the serenity of a wooded area, where the sunlight dances through the leaves, and fairy lights add an ethereal touch. It’s a place where hugs are shared with trees, and the atmosphere is nothing short of magical.

Vintage Bicycles: Rides Down Memory Lane

Our Vintage Bicycles sessions evoke a sense of nostalgia, taking you back to simpler times. With scenes set up featuring old bicycles adorned with flowers or baskets, your family can create new memories while paying homage to the past.

Farm Life: Rustic Charms

Experience the authentic charm of the countryside with our Farm Life sessions. Visit a local farm, interact with the animals, and pose with hay bales or in the barn. Dressed in overalls and straw hats, your family can embrace the rustic beauty of farm life.

Summer Rain: Puddles of Joy

Don’t let a little rain dampen the fun. Our Summer Rain sessions celebrate the unexpected showers that summer brings. Dance, laugh, and splash in the puddles as we capture the unique backdrop of raindrops on leaves and umbrellas.

Colourful Balloons: Sky-High Smiles

Let your happiness soar with our Colourful Balloons sessions. A bouquet of vibrant balloons against the backdrop of a clear blue sky makes for cheerful and celebratory photos that embody the spirit of summer.

Seaside Adventure: Treasures of the Shore

For those near the coast, our Seaside Adventure sessions are a treasure trove of memories. Build sandcastles, collect seashells, and breathe in the salty air as we capture your family’s seaside explorations.

Summer Harvest: Bounty of the Season

Join us for a Summer Harvest session in a fruit or vegetable garden. Pick ripe produce and let the vibrant colours of peaches, tomatoes, or fresh herbs pop in your family’s portraits.

Hammock Bliss: Swings of Serenity

Relax in the gentle sway of a hammock with our Hammock Bliss sessions. As your family reads together or simply enjoys the tranquillity, we’ll capture the soft, filtered sunlight that adds a layer of calm to your summer memories.

At The Family Portrait Company, we’re not just photographers; we’re memory-makers. This summer, let us turn your family’s moments into timeless portraits that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Join us in celebrating the season of warmth, laughter, and cherished family moments. Let’s make this summer unforgettable.

Client Testimonials

The Adamson Family

“We had such a fantastic experience with The Family Portrait Company! The Beach Bliss session was perfect for our family. The kids had a blast, and the photos are just stunning. We’ll treasure these memories forever.”

Family Photographer A family sits on rocks on the beach at sunset.

The Doherty Family

“The Picnic in the Park theme was a hit for us! It was relaxed, fun, and the photos came out beautifully natural. It’s like Eddy captured our family’s soul.”

Family Photographer Two individuals walking together on a tree-lined path in a park.

Our Summer Themes

Beach Bliss, Picnic in the Park, Sunflower Fields… these are just a few of the bespoke themes we’ve crafted for you this summer. Whether it’s the nostalgia of a Lemonade Stand or the chic style of a Boho Chic session, we have something special for every family.

Why Choose Us?

At The Family Portrait Company, we understand the value of time, especially for families where both parents are dedicated to their careers. We strive to make our sessions not just a photoshoot, but a delightful experience that fits into your busy schedule and provides a relaxing, enjoyable break from the daily hustle.

Ready to create some summer magic with your family? Contact us today to book your session and make this summer one to remember!

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